Lees Nederlandse tekstThe closet


Cover Kas is a married man, allthough his marriage is not going very well lately. To his own surprise, he is fascinated by another man he sees every morning on his way to school, where he works as a teacher. Finally he has the courage to address this man. Slowly a good contact is developing between the two. Also because this Michel helps him organising a musical on the life of Freddie Mercury from the rock band Queen. Kas' wife in the meantime leads her own life. Kas suspects her to have an affair. They grow more and more apart.

In two minds between loyalty towards his wife and the blooming love for another man, Kas has to make a choise! The fact that he has to get accustomed to being a gay man, doesn't make it easier. An old mirror closet, a familiy heirloom, mirrors his thoughts and helps him solving his question in this quest.

More information:
De kast written by Olaf van Dornek
Publisher: AristoScorpio Uitgeverij BV
ISBN: 978-90-8973-008-4
276 pages in pocket size
Pricing: € 18,95